Study "Young People and the Environment in Europe"

1998 to 1999 Canopus conducted a study of youth involvement in environmental work in Europe.

The study focused on organizations which are part of national and international networks, which work in a project-oriented and political manner and which have environmental protection as their main aim.

Because of the diversity of the work being carried out by young people it is often very difficult to gain an overview. This lack of overview in the ‘jungle’ of the different projects and organizations, coupled with a lack of insight into the working methods of young people, has lead to a situation where the potential of the “youth environmental movement” as a future-oriented politically active movement is often underestimated and insufficiently supported.

The study aims to provide insight into the projects and working methods of young people and to give an idea of the problems with which they struggle. It is intended to be a tool for dialog between young people and interested funders and to provide recommendations about how effective support might be provided and what criteria are suitable in order to assess youth environmental projects appropriately.

As a result the following recommendations were made:

  • Swift, less bureaucratic funding
  • Help with core funding for organizations
  • Training in the form of ‘capacity building’ and ‘training for trainers’ in the areas of communication, media and PR work
  • Support of international work, including communication and the translations and distribution of information materials.

In November 1999 this study was presented to a group of young people and funders. During this conference a joint resolution was drawn up which was addressed at the German Stifterverband (German Association of Trusts).