Changing the energy and education landscape

The Canopus Foundation

The Canopus Foundation, a registered private charitable institution under German jurisdiction, was founded in 1997 and aims to make a contribution to alleviating poverty and environmental degradation as well as supporting education and science for a sustainable economy. Canopus promotes social investment, and provides business development assistance for social entrepreneurs in developing countries working in the field of clean energy technologies. The foundation also supports initiatives which open space for thought towards more plurality in the academics of economic sciences, and encourage reflection on the preconditions for a sustainable economy and society. As a family foundation, Canopus focuses its activities in the field of "venture philanthropy".

Energy Access

Access to sustainable energy for all people

Presently, 1.1 billion people worldwide live without access to energy. Especially in developing and emerging countries the shortage of electrical power supply detains large parts of the population from overcoming their poverty.

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Education and Science

A Sustainable Economy

Since 2008, the economic sciences face a blatant crisis of legitimacy. Only a limited number of economists predicted the imminent crash of international financial markets.

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Our Approach

Venture Philanthropy

The Canopus foundation follows the concept of “venture philanthropy”. The term is not exactly defined, but basically it uses tools and techniques from venture capital finance and business development, and applies them to achieving philanthropic goals.

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