Energy Access

Access to sustainable energy for all people 

Presently, 1.1 billion people worldwide live without access to energy. Especially in developing and emerging countries the shortage of electrical power supply detains large parts of the population from overcoming their poverty.

Particularly in rural areas many qualified skilled workers and small-sized businesses have to abstain from using electrical machines. They are limited in the production of goods and denied a progressive development. To this day, many of the produced and badly needed groceries spoil in the heat because of the lack of refrigeration and conservation. Without energy for the cold storage of medication and vaccines, even elementary health supply is lacking.

Without access to power supply to light their huts and houses, charge batteries or run electrical devices such as phones, radios, TVs or fans, they lack the simplest requirements for connecting to the “world”, taking up employment, or acquiring knowledge.

Access to sustainable energy for all people: The Canopus Foundation has made it its mission to rise to this challenge and to fight for the access of all people to sustainable energy. For that purpose, Canopus and its cooperation partner Ashoka have founded the Solar for All initiative. The aim of the initiative is to give people who still live without electricity access to off-grid and environmentally friendly solar energy – and thus improve their future prospects.